6x7: Shake the Trees

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Jessica and Rachel struggle to communicate some news not good at all. Mike tries to obtain Kevin's support while Donna, Louis and Harvey search for a lead to move on with the case


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Shake the Trees is the seventh episode of Suits season 6. Let us say some things about the major issues and how the characters manage to overcome each situation.

On the one hand, Rachel and Jessica work to delay the execution. In order to achieve this, Rachel asks her father (Robert Zane) for help as she has troubles finding the witness that could save the case. However, we see a hopeless woman when Rachel finds out the witness is dead. How will she handle the case? The execution deadline is just six days away.

On the other hand, Louis goes on a formal date with Tara and he receives some information about the woman's background. Tara is in a long-distance relationship, the type of relationship in which you can see another people in the meantime. We think is very interesting to put a man like Louis in a position like this, he's an structured man and now he loves a woman that's very different from him.

Interesting fact: this was the third most viewed episode of the season so far with a total audience of 3.46 million viewers in the US.

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