6x4: Turn

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Rachel has a new client: a man facing the death penalty. Louis and Jessica find different ways to deal with the same problem and Mike tries to get some advantage


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

The fourth episode of Suits season 6 is titled Turn and it features a big development on Mike's case and Louis personal life.

Firstly, we can think the episode's title is related to Mike leaving prison. Hold on, don't get too excited, this is just for a couple of hours! Howerver, it's a pleasant time for Mike as he manages to meet with Rachel. This turn is the consequence of Sean Cahill and Harvey Specter team work.

On the other hand, we think the most important fact about this episode is related to Louis. When this funny man wants to remodel the office to stay away from the others employess from the firm, a woman named Tara Messer appears. Almost instantly, Louis falls for her and even when the remodeling is shut down by Jessica, Louis manages to keep Tara close by asking her to work on his summer house, even when he doesn't even has one.

Interesting fact: the actress who plays the role of Tara Messer is Carly Pope. What do you think about her? Did you like her performance?

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