6x3: Back on the Map

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Harvey and Jessica try to handle a difficult situation. On the other hand, Mike avoids breaking Danbury's rules and Louis and Jessica deal with their own problems


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Back on the Map is Suits season 6 third episode and the initial problems of the first episode start to develope. Let's discuss the most important events in this episode.

On the one hand, Mike knows his psychologist's thoughts are very important. Therefore, the young man focus on behave correctly in order to satisfy Julius, the man in charge of supervise him. On the other hand, Harvey finds out Frank is an informant, so it won't be that easy to get rid of him.

Meanwhile, the firm needs new clients as the economic situation worsens. Harvey rejects a client brought by Jessica and instead he manages to another client. Finally, Rachel faces with a classmate and the guy not only confronts her but blackmails her. This man is now in control and Rachel must do as he says.

Interesting fact: Kevin Miller, Mike's celllmate, is played by the actor Erik Palladino

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