6x2: Accounts Payable

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Mike must stay away if he doesn't want to worsen his current situation. Meanwhile, Jessica, Harvey and Louis try to overcome a lawsuit


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Accounts Payable is the second episode of Suits season 6. We'd like to discuss some of the events that the most relevant to us.

In the first place, Mike has a new cellmate and he's named Kevin Miller. After the events related to Frank, Mike feels suspicious about everyone trying to bond with him, so Kevin initially doesn't seem to be the exception to this rule. Rachel tries to visit his fiancé but soon she realizes Mike can't receive visits in prison for two weeks as he had a fight with Frank, the man who tricked him.

On the other hand, Harvey must deal with Frank's case. The problem find its origin in the sentence the inmate received: 15 years instead of 5 years. To solve this situation Harvey gives a painting made by her mother, a really special object for him. The episode ends with Mike bonding with Kevin, despite all the initial suspiciousness.

Interesting facts: Frank Gallo's character is played by american actor Paul Schulze and the episode is directed by Michael Smith.

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