6x10: P.S.L.

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Louis and Harvey do the impossible to stop a group of clients from abandoning the firm. Meanwhile, with their last energies, Rachel and Jessica work to get the best deal for Leonard Bailey


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P. S. L (Pearson Specter Litt) is the Suits season 6 mid-season finale. We'd like to discuss some of the major events.

Big news is that Mike is now out of jail. After a heavy work done mostly by Harvey and Rachel, the young man is now free again and ready to start a new life. Therefore, Harvey offers Mike a job as consultant in the firm, with the same wage he was earning in the past.

On the other hand, Jessica goes through a very personal process. The episode shows us flashbacks from her childhood and how her father's wishes affected her. After thinking and reflecting, Jessica decides to leave the firm. Can you believe that? On the other hand, Louis finds out that Tara is pregnant and he's not the father. How could this lovely character react? That's right, Louis proposes to Tara.

Interesting facts: this is the last episode in which the firm's name is Pearson Specter Litt, as Jessica leaves and the company will change its name. Did you know that the actress playing Jessica Pearson is Gina Torres? She's from the US and is currently 47 years old.

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