6x1: To Trouble

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Mike starts a new a life in a completely different enviroment he will have to adapt to. Meanwhile, Harvey and Jessica work on Mike's case and come up with different options


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To Trouble is the opening episode of Suits season 6. In case you don't remember, Mike is now in jail and the firm is on a very complicated situation.

Mike has been sentenced to two years in jail at Danbury's prison. At the beginning it seems that Mike successfully creates a bond with Frank, the other guy in his cell, but things aren't as simple as they look like. Mike texts Rachel with Frank's phone and then we find out the truth: the friendly guy is after Harvey, and now he has Rachel's number. Did you were surprised by this turn?

On the other hand, Harvey and Rachel share their feelings about Mike's situation. Back in the firm, all the employees have resigned and the company must face a lawsuit for every case Mike worked on.

Interesting facts: Have you realized this is the second time we see characters smoking marijuana? Except for the mid-season finale, this was the most viewed episode of the entire season

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