5x16: 25th Hour

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Season Finale! Apparently, Mike is about to sign the deal with Gibbs. What about Pearson Specter Litt?


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25th Hour is the final episode of Suits season 5. Mike is running out of time and the entire episode focus on how Mike's situation outcome affects the entire group at Pearson Specter Litt.

In the first place, Harvey finds out what the jury has to say: Mike is not guilty. Can you believe that? After realizing Mike's strategy was not the cleverest one, Harvey thinks and tries to find another way to save his friend. The first idea is to sabotage Mike's deal, but that doesn't work. Therefore, Harvey approaches Anita Gibbs.

Harvey's offer is really simple: he will hand over the Liberty Rail's case files to Anita in exchange of Mike's freedom, but the woman says no to this deal. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel decide to postpone the marraige as he feels it's not the right moment. Finally, the episode ends with Mike entering jail. We think it's fair and predictable. It also gives the series a new energy and sets up a whole new world of situations.

Interesting fact: originally, Mike and Rachel were going to marry in this episode but the writting team decided to change the story.

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