5x1: Denial

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The firm has managed to get a very big win. However, it is now on a very fragile position. Meanwhile, Mike receives some good news


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Denial is the first episode of Suits season 5. As you may recall, season 4 ended with some major events. Let's discuss each one of them and how they developed on the episode.

Mike and Rachel engagement is the most important news so far. After a lovely proposal, both of them must decide how are they going to tell everyone about the upcoming marriage. Meanwhile, Donna is now Louis secretary and things work just fine. However, Louis thinks she's going to eventually come back with her former boss.

How is Harvey handling the situation? Donna is now working with Louis and it's not a small thing for him. He's really tired and suffering from insmonia and actually he starts seeing a therapist. Can you believe that? This is the most vulnerable version of Harvey we've seen so far  Besides, his modus operandis at work is questioned by a new partner Jessica wants to work with.

We loved this season beginning. Characters are deeper now, we see sides of them growing and evolving. Take, for instance, Harvey's sadness or Louis behavior. Do you remember Louis in the past? Many made fun of him, but that's not happening now, at least not in the same way.

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