4x16: Not Just a Pretty Face

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This is Suits fourth season finale. Please, no spoilers! We hope you enjoy this awesome episode


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Not Just a Pretty Face is the final episode of Suits season 4. Interesting fact:  the name's about one of Harvey's quotes, that's the line he says to Donna when they meet in a pub. Let's talk about the important facts instead of the interesting

We're five days from the trial and there's a tiny little problem. Sean Cahill has some bad news: he can't fin Woodall's money. In case you don't remember, the strategy so far was to prove that Eric was bought by Charles Forstman and that money was in Eric's bank account, but it isn't there. Harvey goes to Mike and Rachel's house and asks them to think and investigate to find out where is the money.

Meanwhile, Louis assistant is now dead: Norma was her name. Who's going to take the available position? Just look at your face, it's Donna. We're amazed by this turn. On the other hand, Mike's proposal to Rachel couldn't be better. What should we expect for the next season? There's a new set up and it's going to be really interesting to watch how it developes

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