4x10: This is Rome

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One more time, Jessica and Harvey must protect the firm from the competition. Louis needs to find a balance between work and personal life


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This is Rome is the tenth episode of Suits season 4 and the mid-season finale. Interesting fact: the episode's title is just a quote from Louis. Let's just start discussing this great episode.

Louis is going through a difficult situation: he no longer works at Pearson-Specter but he needs a little help to start over again. Harvey shows himself compassionate and tries to help Louis with at least two options. The first one: the position on a firm from Cinncinnati but Louis refuses to agree as "This is Rome" (he's talking about New York city) and he's a gladiator that should be fighting right in the capital.

On the other hand, Katrina situation drastically changes.As the action moves forward, Katrina ends up helping Louis by giving some valuable information about Versalife that works as new leverage for him. However, Jessica finds out later on and asks Katrina to resign. Interesting fact: did you notice the way Mike operates? Intially he gives Louis a solution by creating a problem to then come up with an alternate idea that puts himself in a better position. We've seen that a thousand times.

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