4x1: One-Two-Three Go...

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Mike and Harvey work over some investment strategies. Meanwhile, a former district attorney might take revenge on Harvey and the firm


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

One-Two-Three Go... is the first episode of the season 4 of this mangificent series called Suits. After things shook a little bit in the season 3 finale, Mike is now working outside the firm. First interesting fact: the fist scene reminds us of the first episode of Suits, Pilot. In case you don't remember, Harvey wakes up after spending the night with a beautiful woman he met the day before.

Rachel is finally studying at Columbia Law School while she works at the firm as an associate with Harvey, so she's right in Mike's former spot. However, the first scene really hook me up. Harvey is very similar to the man in the first season, right? It's feels like almost nothing changed in him. What does he really want? Does he know he's not happy at all with what he has now?

On the other hand, Mike's new job is located in the Sidwell Investment Group's offices. He's now a investment banker (a man who looks for investors and propose nice profitable investments) and he's boss, named Sidwell, puts Mike to the test: if he doesn't get a really successful investment, he must leave the company. Another interesting fact: what do you think about Amy? Isn't that cool Mike having a assistant?

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