3x16: No Way Out

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This is Suits third season finale! We hope you have enjoyed this season as much as we did. No spoilers please!


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No Way Out is the last episode of Suits season 3. The title made us think about what a complicated situation Mike and Harvey are in, it would seems it has no solution at all. Problems show up along with Eric Woodall, a U.S. attorney that calls Mike for questioning.

When Eric finally speaks with Mike, he's very clear: he's only after Harvey and he's willing to leave Mike out from the storm as long as he helps. However, Mike's obviously not going to accept that settlement. What will he do then?

As the episode moves forward, Mike and Harold get arrested. When all seems lost for Harvey and Harold is about to confess, an unexpected ally appears to solve the problem. That's Louis and this kind of behavior is what make us like him so much: he's a great friend but also a dirty competitor.

Interesting facts: in one of the last scenes Mike says Harvey he has accepted a job offer. How will season 4 start? Are they going to work at different companies? One more thing: did you like Max Topplin's performance? He's the actor playing Harold Gunderson

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