3x1: The Arrangement

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With the merge already successful, Jessica is now tested. Meanwhile, Mike tries to reconciliate with Harvey


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The Arrangement is the episode that starts Suits season 3. As we say on the season 2 finale, the fusion between Jessica's and Darby's deal has been closed. This completely changes the present for Harvey, Louis and Mike.

Harvey finds himself in a difficult position. Despite he's against the fusion, he must obey Jessica's orders. His task is to defend a very important client of Darby's firm from going to jail, a woman named Ava Hessington. 

Meanwhile, Mike deals with the consequences of his revelation to Rachel while trying to mend his relationship with Harvey. Things don't go easy on him but Harvey is in a tougher spot. On the other hand, Louis works to escalate in the new company but his strategy puts him in a worse position.

Interesting facts: do you remember us telling you Cameron was going to be a long-time character? This episode features Gary Cole as Cameron Dennis, On the other hand, Louis rival named Nigel Nesbitt is played by Adam Godley

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