2x16: War

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Last episode of Suits second season! Enjoy and, please, do not spoil! Great finale. Do you agree with us?


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

War is the last episode from Suits season 2 and a problematic situation appears when Harvey and Jessica have different thoughts about the firm's future.

Edward Darby is the leader of a British firm that has a very interesting offer for Jessica and the whole company. However, Harvey is not very fond of the new deal and tries to savotage the whole operation. In order to achieve this, a case must be won and Mike is assigned to this task. Despite his efforts, Jessica threatens Mike to tell his secret and Mike has no other choice than lossing the case on purpose.

On the other hand, Mike tells Rachel his secret: he didn't attend to Harvard. Rachel get's angry in the first place but then the love leads the situation and we finally got the scene we wanted the most: a passionate night with Mike and Rachel.

Interesting facts: the episode rating wasn't as good as expected as it barely reached 3.1 millon viewers. The writter of War is Aaron Korsh, the same man that wrote so many episodes for this series

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