2x10: High Noon

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Mike is distracted with personal issues as Harvey needs his help as he never did


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High Noon is the tenth episode from the season and contains some important events. First of all, Daniel Hardman recovers his position at the firm and becomes managing partner, displacing Jessica. This situation directly affects Mike and Harvey as Louis is on Daniel's side.

In his personal life, Mike suffers from a tragedy: her grandmother dies. A funeral takes place and Mike is supported by Rachel and Tess, a childhood friend. After a great speech, Mike leaves with Tess and things move beyond the friendzone. What's bad about that? Prior to that, Mike tried to approach Rachel with no success as she thought they should wait some time. However, Rachel changes her mind and goes to Mike's apartment. You can imagine what she finds, right?

On the other hand, we have a lovely scene between Mike and Harvey: they smoke marijuana together. Louis finds out what they have done and asks Harvey for a drug test. The answer is a plain no and Harvey manages to make Daniel Hardman leave the firm as he set up Donna in the past.

One more thing: how much time do we have to wait to finally see Mike and Rachel together? We suppose Tess is going to disappear really soon and there will be no more excuses to postpone the long-awaited love scene

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