2x1: She Knows

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In this first episode of Suits second season, Mike is excited about his work as he thinks he's an important asset for the firm. On the other hand, Jessica's former partner surfaces


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

She Knows is the opening episode for Suits season 2. The title refers to Jessica. Do you remember the scenes from the season 1 finale? Trevor showed up at the firm and spoke with Jessica. Therefore, Mike assumes this powerful woman knows he's not a real lawyer.

The scene we liked the most was the dinner between Jessica and Mike. In the first place, Mike feels really disturbed as he thinks Jessica is going to fire him, but after hearing to Harvey's words, Mike calms down. The event goes really well and Jessica is charmed by Mike.

The day after Mike arrives to the office happily and thinking he has earned Jessica's trust. However, moments before that scene, Jessica speaks with Harvey and tells him she already knows Mike is not a real lawyer. Harvey must fire him but, well, he doesn't have the guts. When Mike arrives, Harvey cheers him and congratulates him for the good work.

Some additional information: this episode was written by Aaron Korsh, who is also the writter of the first season finale, Dog Figth. It also features the last real appearance of Trevor (Tom Lipinski) as from now on he will only appear in some flashbacks.

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