1x12: Dog Fight

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This is Suits's first season finale episode! We hope you enjoyed this season as much as we did. No spoilers, please!


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Dog Fight is the last episode from Suits season 1. Both Harvey and Mike must face issues related to work and personal life that will force them to look for clever solutions.

On one hand, Mike keeps being annoyed by Trevor. If you don't recall, this the friend that put Mike in several complicated situations. Firstly, he asked him to make a drug delivery that ended up being an ambush. On the second place, Mike is now in a relationship with Jenny, Trevor's ex-girlfriend. When he comes to Mike's door things are going to get messy for the young law man.

Meanwhile, Harvey finds something unfair regarding Cameron as he has been hiding evidence while working at the DA office. In addition, that behavior made Harvey put an innocent man in jail and he's eager to correct that mistake. What will Cameron do?

Interesting facts: this episode had the lowest number of viewers in the entire season (3.47 millions) and was directed by Kevin Bray and written by Aaron Korsh.

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