1x11: Rules Of The Game

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A judge from Harvey's past, called Gary Cole, shows up. Meanwhile, Jenny starts questioning his thoughts about Mike's past


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Rules of the Game is the penultimate episode of Suits season 1. We're one episode from the season finale and questions about Mike are growing on each chapter.

Jenny, Mike's girlfriends, starts to wonder if Mike and Rachel are just friends, so she has en idea: why couldn't they have a double date with Rachel an a male partner? Rachel, despite her doubts, accepts the invitation. Who is going to be his partner for the night? That's right: Kyle, Mike's enemy inside the firm.

Meanwhile, Harvey and Mike run into Cameron Dennis, the former mentor of Harvey and now working at the DA office. After being introduced to Mike, Cameron leaves. Is he going to become an important character? We think this could be the case, at least for a few episodes.

Some interesting facts: despite being close to the season finale, this episode didn't have as much rating as the other weeks (just 3.96 million viewers. The episode was directed by Mike Smith and written by Jon Cowan

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